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Today the world has migrated from Desktops and Laptops to Smart Phones, where people rely heavily on smartphones for their online activities and that is the reason why has put emphasis on Mobile-first indexing. Hence, you need to evaluate the mobile experience and customer satisfaction.

Mobile Applications have been the core of innovation for quite a few years now. With the ever-increasing market and latest technologies, the smart phone offers great scope for brands to deliver value to customers in an hour of their demand. Whether the requirement is colossal or minuscule, vital or trivial; our team of skilled application developers is experts in creating well-crafted mobile apps.


coreIweb is full-service App Development Agency best client satisfaction.

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We develop custom applications for our customers that solve everyday business problems and attracts more customers.

Our App Development Process

Every application has its own story, We convert the story into reality.

Analysis And Planning

Developing a successful app requires strategic planning, defining objective, identifying target audience, researching competitors and selecting the best platform to launch. Prioritizing the App requirements and segregating them into milestones is also a major part of Analysis and Planning.


UX Design and Development

Choosing the design of the app is vital as a clean and effortless design gets the attention of the users. The design stage includes architecture, wireframe, style guide, prototypes etc. Once design is finalized, the app is developed which consists of Database/Server, APIs and Front-End development.


Testing and Launching

Testing is done to understand the defects in the app by validating the app’s quality through a series of testing paradigm like Quality assurance (QA), User Experience (UX), Functional, Performance, Security and Device/Platform testing. Once testing is complete, the app is released to various app stores Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play for Android.


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We are a full-service App Development Agency with the knowledge and skill to deliver world-class mobile application development. Write your App’s Success Story With us!

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coreIweb App Development Services

iOS App Development

coreIweb App development team has the experience of developing a visually pleasing prototype, interfaces and custom POCs for your iOS applications. Our iOS experts do manage a multi-thread environment, building advanced algorithms, and providing architectural and technical leadership on developing your core application.

Android App Development

coreIweb provides a full range of Android application development services including Full-cycle development as well as code edit which can scale your team with professional developers when necessary. We create Apps for all platforms including Phones, Wearables, Tablets and TV.

Full stack App Development

Full-stack development services are gaining recently as companies keenly hire full-stack developers that specialize in everything from back-end to front-end database. Full-stack developers at coreIweb hold wide experience in delivering end-to-end solutions.

Hybrid App Development

Cross Platform or Hybrid Apps are mobile applications that run on multiple platforms hence the name hybrid, of both native and web solutions. The core of the application is written using web technologies. Use this alternative to reduce costs and time-to-market and to reach more users without loss of quality.

Native App Development

A Native App is one that is installed directly onto the smartphone and can work, in most cases, with no internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app. Native apps are great for users use as they offer an optimized performance and provide great user experiences. coreIweb has experienced native application developers, expertise in building fully-functional, and high-performance apps.

App Maintenance and Marketing

Creating an app is not the end of the strategy, miniating and promoting the apps is quite important too. App maintenance includes Bug fixes, App Updates, App security management and more. App promotion helps in getting to the top 25 in the chart. coreIweb can help you in App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO guarantees that your app will get as much exposure as possible.


Scratching your head on how to develop your own App? We at coreIweb design and develop custom applications for iOS as well as Android platforms. We are a leading application development company, offering end-to-end app development services to business owners across the globe. Our team is located at domestic, near-shore, and offshore locations. From concept to development to creating and maintaining the app, we cover the entire mobile app development cycle, no matter how distinct or compound your requirements are.

We keep track of emerging technologies to deliver the best app solutions to our customers. From the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI/ML — use all the latest technologies for your App. Through our time-tested app development services, we develop your idea into creative as well as high performing web and mobile apps.

Our experienced and tested App Development Professionals are well-versed with the latest technologies and can save up to 40% of your development costs. Our app development solutions deliver seamless products to meet your needs within the stipulated time and budget. Our services are curated to bring value and growth to your business.

We can start helping you today by offering a complimentary assessment of your app development requirements without any obligations from your end.


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