What is conversion audit and do you do it?

Conversion audit means tracking and analyzing the number of window shoppers visiting your website and the number of visitors giving revenue or making genuine purchase on your website. This data helps to analyze and assess the return on investment. Yes, this is an important part of our report w.r.t. traffic improvement services.

If I want my website to get traffic from my locality only, will it be possible?

Definitely it will be possible. For achieving such results, we do local business listing, localized SEO, focused localized PPC etc. We will also focus on Social Media to tap the local traffic.

What is the authenticity of the report indicating increased traffic submitted by coreIweb?

Our reporting is based on google analytics report, which is an independent agency, devoid of any influence. Additionally, if you have any call for action button on your website, then you can personally get the data of the increase in number of clicks on your website by comparing your earlier reports with the reports generated after availing our service.

Why should I avail your traffic services?

You have multiple reasons to avail our traffic enhancement services. Some of them are:

  • Though we are just five years old, many of our experts have over 10 years of experience
  • We keep our self abreast with the latest developments in the Search Engine algorithm
  • We know the correct blend of different services required to attend the traffic goals
  • We do fortnightly and monthly reporting along with third party report as evidence
  • We provide guaranteed result for traffic service subscribers

Most competitive pricing in the segment

How much traffic do you guarantee?

The traffic guarantee depends upon the package selected, geographical location of the target audience, size of the target audience looking for the service offered by the client, accessibility of the target audience to digital platform etc.

How do you deliver on the traffic services to your client?

We first determine the exact requirement of the client, i.e. whether he requires traffic from a particular locality, state, country or region. We then develop an action plan to meet the client expectation. The action plan is appropriate blend of SEO service, promotion for organic ranking, PPC, content writing etc that results in meeting the traffic guaranteed to the client.

What is the minimum time required to get visible results from your traffic services?

A minimum of one month is required for substantial results to be visible. However, we shall be sending you reports on fortnightly basis w.r.t. the result of the benefits accrued by availing our services.

What is the difference between SEO services and Traffic Service?

In SEO services we optimize specific keywords to rank your website higher in SERPs when a customer uses the said keyword to look for products and services offered by you. Here we guarantee search engine ranking. But in traffic services, we guarantee traffic to your website, thus increasing visitors thereby improving sales & bottom line.

Why should I avail traffic enhancement service?

Traffic enhancement service brings more visitors to your website, thereby increasing the popularity of your website on the digital market. This increase in popularity results in increase in business and in case you have hosted your services & products online, the increase in traffic will also result in increase in sales. Additionally, if there is more traffic to your website, your website ranking on the SERPs will also improve without carrying out any separate SEO activity on your website.

What is traffic service offered by you?

It is a multi-channel marketing service that guarantees traffic to your website by adopting various ethical SEM practices such as a right blend of SEO, SMO, link building, content quality enhancement, PPC etc.