Maintaining a website is a tiresome affair. coreIweb cares for your website while you focus on your business growth.


Our professional team of website developers and designers having experience of over a decade and expertise in working in almost all types of CMS and coding software are the perfect developers to manage and maintain your website. Getting your website maintained by us will ensure that you have no issues with loading speed and varied device compatibilities. Though building a website is a child’s game, but maintaining it to remain indexed in search engines, and keeping your brand visible online is a different ball game all together.

At coreIweb, our website maintenance team resolves the backend development issues, the frontend design issues, metadata, and backlink issues apart from carrying out day to day maintenance such as ensuring website speed, ensuing website uptime of 99.99%, updating plugins, taking backups, etc. We have different and customizable web maintenance plans to fit every budget and address unique and specific needs.


coreIweb is full-service Web Maintenance Agency best client satisfaction.

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We Care For Your Website

We Care For Your Website We maintain websites of our customers so that they can focus on growing their business without any having the stress of worrying after the website.


Your website is in safe hands with us, You can focus on your business without worrying about it.

Understanding Requirement

The basic step in website maintenance is understanding the scope of work of the client. The client requirement may vary from just assisting in changing the hosting provider or integrating a payment gateway to overhauling the entire design, development and resolving internal linking and backlinking issues that are necessary for better search engine ranking.


Proposing Solution

After understanding the client’s requirement of website maintenance, the scope of work is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager, who in turn selects members for his team based on the client’s website platform & services requirements. The Project Manager then proposes the solution to the client based on the detailed brainstorming done by the team.


After freezing of the maintenance activities to be carried out       by the client, timeline for each activity is prepared and shared with the client. Once approval is obtained, implementation is started.





Want freedom from worrying about your website and just focus on your Business expansion?

Hire an Ethical Web Maintenance company in the USA. coreIweb is an ethical Web Maintenance company in the USA

Hire a Web Maintenance Agency and get peace of mind as we will take complete care of the website starting from minor changes to the website, updating contents, minor development work, and website hosting too.

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coreIweb Website Maintenance Services

Web Hosting

At coreIweb, the basic hosting plan comes as a free package bundled with all SEO services. However, as per the client’s requirement and based on the disk space required and type of hosting required, our Web Maintenance Experts can suggest the best plan after reviewing your website.

CMS Patch Updates

Every CMS releases a frequent update for enhancing CMS security and performance. It is necessary to install the patches on the website to protect the website from hacks and malware. Our team of experts can assist you to remain abreast with the latest patches for your CMS based website.

CMS Version Upgrade

Whenever a CMS releases a version upgrade, it shuts down some features and services that introduces new and enhanced features and services for better performance of the platform. While upgrading to a newer version, these changes usually affect the layout, design, functionality and plugins installed in the older version. coreIweb maintenance team can help you migrate to the latest version of your CMS without disturbing the content.

Website Scanning

Website scanning is one of the most important parts of Website Maintenance. This activity includes scanning for malware, security threats, viruses, broken links, dumped files, development scraps, etc. The presence of such vulnerabilities slows the website and increases the potential of risk to the client PC. If such issues are not fixed on time, they will lead to degradation of the website in search result indexing thereby affecting the bottom line.

Design & Development

Web Designing and Development for commercial activities is not as simple as it seems. The website should be designed to attract and retain visitors and developed to have speed, security, backlinking, search engine indexing, appropriate keyword, and meta-data optimization so that it can reach to the correct targeted audience to get desired results.


Backing-up of the website is a very essential activity from the website security point of view. While having the website in a shared server or a foreign server, backing-up helps in saving the efforts put in developing the website against hacks, malware, server breakdown, etc. coreIweb’s servers that are located in different locations comes handy in such situations.

Why coreIweb is your reliable partner for web maintenance?

  • Our experienced team has expertise in almost all popular CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc and web-programming languages such as PHP, asp, javascript etc.
  • Our servers in multiple locations enable better data security
  • Continuous learning and up gradation by our team enables them to remain updated with the latest patches & versions of different CMS and software
  • Our expertise in SEO services enables us to upgrade your website to SEO friendly and responsive websites
  • More than 200 live websites under maintenance with us
  • We provide dedicated hosting to our customers; shared hosting is also available.
  • You will have seamless access to our dedicated Project Managers

We offer the finest maintenance service at the most affordable price


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