Client Terms

By agreeing to avail coreIweb services,

  • The Client agrees and confirms that they do not have any duplicate sites, content or pages, redirects or doorway pages.
  • The client agrees to cooperate with coreIweb team and share relevant credentials of his website and other social media platforms for enabling us to render the required services.
  • The client further agrees to not engage any other agency parallelly to carry out any activity on his website, thereby avoiding any clash in the coding of the website and for obtaining optimum results on investment.
  • In case of discontinuing our services, the client agrees to give us a notice of at least one month for enabling us to clear our data base of the client’s data, handing over all their credentials to them and deleting the same from our records and submitting the final report to the client.
  • The Client certifies that they have never requested or exchanged links with link farms or undertaken any spamming techniques which may harm their web site’s ranking with search engines and reputation in the digital world.

Payment Terms

The terms of payment are as follows:

  • Clients are required to make their payment in advance every month after which man-days will be dedicated to render service. In case there is any special payment terms agreed between the client and coreIweb, the same shall supersede this payment condition.
  • We value our client’s trustand respect their right to choose the service that provides the optimum result to them. Therefore, we assure guaranteed improvement in the result in the very first month failing which 100% refund can be raised by the client.
  • The client shall have no claimfor any refund after expiry of 30 days of 1st payment under any circumstances. If he does so, all services will be immediately suspended till the payment is cleared by the client.
  • Any kind of additional services availed over and above the plan package or any service requiring third party payment such as paid promotion, billing for server spacewill be charged as per actuals and the cost for the same are to be borne by the client.

Work Process Terms

  • coreIweb practices ethical SEO, hence we do not vow to give a 100% result guarantee for any specific result on any search engine, nor can we guarantee the level of increased traffic or sales, resulting out of the SEO campaign with us. The only thing we can guarantee is the work process and dedication of specified man hours to achieve the specified results.
  • SEO and SMO are a continuous activity and anticipating ranking on the 1st 10-page within one month through organic methods is practically impossible. The client is expected to understand the same and cooperate and have patience for achieving the desired result or opt for paid promotion to get results.
  • If the client willfullymakes any changes to the optimized pages created by coreIweb, or does not implement the changes recommended, any guarantee for any result given shall become null and void immediately.
  • In the best interest of our clients, we adhere to strict ethical SEO and SMO practices and may make any guarantee null and void if we discover at any stage of our association with the client, that he has engaged in any actions considered unethical and undesirable (spamming) by the search engines and social media.

Confidentiality Terms

At coreIweb, the data and information of every client is dealt with highest level of confidentiality and the privacy is the priority. For the purpose of availing our services, the client has to confide on us with the following data:

  • Access to the admin area, and webserver of the website for analysingthe content and structure of the website.
  • Access to your web-script/CMS/FTPfor the purpose of redesigning, redevelopment, optimization, etc.To stop the concern of security breach, the client may change these login credentials once the job is accomplished by us.
  • Permission to communicate directly with their webmaster / web service provider, web designer and web developer if necessary.
  • Access to website traffic statistics, if established, for analysis and measurement of improvements in SERPs.

Reserved Rights and Exclusion

coreIweb reserves the right to use client’s website, its specific design, wireframes, and layoutsin its own advertisement and marketing campaigns. This includessharing portfolio examples on our website, making case studies and sharing on our website, and discrete links at the foot of the pages on the supplied website. However, client if desires can instruct us in writing not to use their particulars for such purpose.

coreIweb will not be responsible for any issue on the websitedue to your parent hosting providers.To resolve this concern, on specific request from the client, we can suggest good hosting companies with zero liability and it will be the discretion of the client to avail the services or otherwise.

General Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with coreIweb, you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  • To contact coreIweb team if you have any issue with our services, with sufficient information and clear picture for enabling us to resolve the same.
  • To agree to our “Service Agreement” which is in the form of a mail, prior to starting any service. Both, the client and coreIwebmust adhere to the said agreement.
  • All plans by coreIwebare monthly subscription plans. However, client avail the 12th month subscription free of cost by paying 11 months’ bill in advance. The client also has the privilege of cancelling the subscription at any point of time by giving 30 days advance notice.
  • coreIweb doesn’t has any lock-in period. However, it is recommendedto continueany campaign for at least six months to see substantial and measurable improvements in the website.
  • Campaign keyword selection is normally decided by coreIweb after conducting market research by our keyword experts. However, the campaign is started after approval of the keywords by the client. Client may opt to change the keyword if deemed fit by the client. In such case keyword specific payment is to be done by the client over and above the subscription amount.
  • We follow a specific process and at each step the client has to approve for further actions. coreIweb can’t be held responsible for any delay caused due to delay in approval from the client’s end.
  • coreIweb shall not be held responsible for any problem flaring up in case client makes any changes to their website. To make the website search engine friendly, we may need to make some front-end/back-end changes. The said changes will be carried out only on approval of the suggestedchanges by the client.
  • coreIwebshall not be held responsible for any virus or malware attack on the website of the client arising out of flaw from the end of hosting service provider.
  • We only guarantee for providing the allotted number of man hours as per the plan subscribed by the client for any assignment and completing the agreed deliverableswithin the specified time.
  • coreIweb normally provides bimonthly and monthly reports to the clients indicating all the activities covered during the period and the result achieved. However, on request from the client and payment of a premium, we can also provide weekly report on the job done.