Why should I avail web development services from coreIweb?

You have multiple reasons to avail our services. Some of them are:
  • We have expert developers with experience of over 10 years
  • Our developers are expert in php, java script, asp, .NET, python, SQL and other programming languages required for native coded website development.
  • Our CMS experts have deep knowledge of almost all popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Magento etc.
  • We have the Fastest turnaround time in the industry
  • We have our own team of Content writers, web designers& infographic designers having experience of having worked with variety of clients
  • Expertise in developing SEO friendly content
  • Free backup
  • Attractive pricing

What is the average time required to develop a website?

The overall time to develop a website depends on many factors such as type of website, volume of pages, volume of content, native coded website or CMS based website etc. A static website normally takes less time than a data driven website. Similarly, a CMS based website takes less time than a custom built native coded website. eCommerce websites and websites requiring flash integration, infographics integration require much more time. Timely approvals from client also play a key role in the time taken in completion of the website development.

How secure is my data and Idea with coreIweb?

At coreIweb, the data, idea and credentials of our clients are treated with highest level of confidentiality. We have zero tolerance towards compromise on secrecy of our clients’ information. The system in our organization does not permit more than one Project Manager to hold the confidential information of any client.

Do you reuse our code or sell our script to any third party?

We do not re-use the script of the entire website / application developed for any client for a second client. We also do not use any proprietary items such as logo, tag line, license keys, trade secretes, basic design etc. of any client for any second client. However, considering the process of producing the code, we do use the resources available in open source libraries and our inhouse developed libraries to save development time. This process tremendously reduced the cost for the client along with benefitting him with content that is developed quickly and with better quality.

Are the websites developed by coreIweb compatible with mobile device?

The websites developed at coreIweb undergo regressive testing across devices, Operating system and browsers for giving the users a great user experience (UX). Hence, this ensures that the sites are compatible on different browsers of the mobile.

Do you provide web hosting?

Standard shared web hosting come as a complimentary package with some of our SEO plans. But, if you have not availed our SEO service, and still desire to use our hosting server, the same can be made available at a nominal charge.

How many changes I can make during the website development project?

Normally, the design and client requirement are frozen before commencement of development. But, at coreIweb, we allow few free modifications after the web development subject to we being satisfied that such modifications are required for enhancing the speed, quality of the website, its user experience and its performance. However, in case client wants major changes, then the same comes with a associated cost equivalent to the actual cost of manhours spent for making those changes.

If I want a website for an eCommerce store, what would be your recommendation and why?

It all depends on how much money you want to sell out. In case you have a very limited budget, then the store management CMS deployed on a shared hosting server will do your job. Though, developing such website are easier, cheaper and faster, but they have vulnerable and prone to security threats. So, we would recommend a customized website on native coding language such as asp, .NET, php, java script etc. Though developing on such platform will be costly, time consuming and at times complicated, but they will be more secure against vulnerabilities and threats.

How do you test your projects?

Testing of any website developed by us undergoes two level of testing viz. alpha testing and beta testing. During alpha testing, the developer tests the website on three standard browsers on computer and two browsers on mobile devices for adaptability. After the developer is satisfied with the performance of the website, the code is forwarded for beta testing on our test servers and forwarded to our QA&R team for the testing. The QA&R team conducts rigorous testing of the website/application across devices, across platforms and conducts other relevant tests to check the security standards of the website before making it live. However, eCommerce sites and other similar sites undergo a completely different test procedure and are also tested by third party testing agencies for data security, loading speed, payment gateway quality, backend management standards, connected CRM etc.

Do you work according to client’s time zone?

Our office operates in three shifts. That means, we will definitely be having one or the other resource to attend to our client round the clock. However, for making any changes on the client’s server while remaining connected with the client, we need prior intimation as the login credentials of the web server of the client is available with only the Project Manager who is in charge of that client and he has to be present to login to the client’s server to make the relevant changes.

What is your pricing model?

We have two pricing model. (1) Fixed cost model: In this model, the scope of work is fixed, the delivery time line is fixed and the cost is assessed based on the different man days required to complete the job before the commencement of the project and the price is fixed accordingly. In such case any major modification will be charged extra as per actuals. (2) Evolving cost Model: In this model, if the client is unsure of what exactly is his requirement, then we make a first draft of the project to be executed and start the work. The client has to make a security deposit payment of a fixed amount as decided by coreIweb before the commencement of the work. Further, the client will be billed on monthly basis based on the actual man days spent on his project.

How many developers will be assigned for my project? 

The number of developers is assigned by coreIweb based on the quantum of job required to be accomplished. In case your website is huge and requires a lot of development, we can assign an entire team to deliver the required results in a time bound manner.